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The Space U Belt takes pride in being a convenient 3 in 1 place – a condominium, dormitory & hotel residential tower. One can own a 3 to 4 bedroom space and may possibly rent out on a per bed space basis to students, expats or reviewers’ with the help of our internal management team. This 38 storey building has a total of 1,768 residential and 95 commercial spaces. The lower levels are for commercial use while the upper part is dedicated for serene living. All in one roof. This place would be a perfect investment for your hard earned money because you can possibly start earning with your unit while still actively paying for your monthly amortization.

The building’s 9th floor is dedicated for a wide array of amenities. So you can enjoy a safe night out with friends in a place where your residence is located. There is also a 3-level retail place for dining, for easy and convenient shopping and for cinemas where you can easily spend a movie past dinner time with your family without travelling to another place. As good as it looks, the tower also has a great welcoming front lobby which is fully air-conditioned. And to facilitate easier movements of the occupants, the 8 working elevators are on standby for a 24/7 usage. Gladly too, all floors within the entire 38 storey building have free WiFi signals for an easy and convenient internet access. This is a big plus for students and businessmen. All common areas have CCTV monitors and the entire place is being secured round the clock by our Security Officers who are all well-trained in perimeter defense and emergency responses. The entire perimeter is fully secured and that is an assurance that we can always guarantee all occupants.

Each room is assigned with a security key card and the unit owner will be the one to receive it. To ensure the safety of everyone, each room has been provisioned to have a fully automated fire and smoke detectors for a much rapid emergency response. And blackouts are not usual experiences here because there is a standby power generating set to cover for black outs. Luckily also, each unit space has been pre-provisioned for a cable service so anytime you want to have a cable connection, you can have it easily.

Another great feature of the Space U Belt Manila is the abundance of water supply round the clock because we have a nice water reservoir to support the requirement of the occupants. We have a separate water reserve for fire hydrants because we consider that supply as a top priority at all times.

The Space U Belt Manila is indeed a great place for students who are studying within nearby universities and colleges. This is also great for all medical interns, expats and those who are planning to invest in rental businesses. Our management team is on standby to help you with that. We equally invite hardworking middle class workers to come and visit our website. We have a long list of options for you to choose from should you decide to upgrade your residence. The Space U Belt Manila is also perfect for couples who are about to start a family of their own. We are also inviting OFW’s to come visit our website. Bigger opportunities to safely invest awaits you here.

  • Three - level Retail for Dining, Convenience Shopping, & Cinema
  • Amenity Area at the 9th Floor
  • Secure premises with Security Key Card for all Unit Owners
  • Wi - Fi Provision on All Floors
  • Eight (8) Elevators
  • Air-conditioned Main Lobby
  • CCTV System for Common Areas
  • 24 - Hour Security
  • Fully - Automated Fire & Smoke Detection System
  • Water Reservoir & Separate Fire Reserves
  • Standby Emergency Power
  • Cable TV Provision
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